Virginia High school Plan


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I believe that the new Virginia High school plan can be very helpful for students who are willing to work. As they move up toward their graduation, students will have a choice to got job by business training. This choice will be a path for students who are willing to go to four year college or two year community college. If students work in the place where they know about it than they use to learn more. They might get a high payment for that job, and they can work for that businesses too. I think this plan is a great one for students who are living by themselves.

Also, this plan can give students a lot with their skills and real hands on experience of learning while problem solving. There are a lot of requirements between two public hearings with each of the eight educational regions around the state. In December 2017 final regulations would be ready. They want to implement the plan with the 2018 school year, but only for freshmen. Students who are enrolled in high school before then could graduate under the old system, according to Senate Bill 336 and the Virginia House Bill 895. Governor Terry McAuliffe backs the plan enthusiastically. If we look at this plan as a community college, it will be a great one. Students from 10th grade will be more interested in learning and setting goals for their future that work for everybody.  This plan treats education as an investment in a changing society.  Will this state trend spread to other states?  Will Virginia be a leader in the new direction of American education?

Here is more information about Virginia high school plan.

Virginia plan will transform traditional high school experience