Virtual Reality Headsets Helping Save Lives?


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Scanning of a human brain by X-raysVirtual reality headsets have already began revolutionizing the way people experience video games and other things of that sort but game players are not the only ones putting this new technology to use, believe it or not. Doctors at UCLA are using these virtual reality headsets to get a better look inside patients brains! Crazy right?

Scientists and doctors are saying this will have a tremendous impact in the medical field and could be the next new big thing to help save lives, especially for brain trauma or tumors that sometimes doctors can even get to. The scientists are working with doctors and helped create 3-D models of the brain using elements of a flight simulator and a traditional brain scan. You can put this headset on and move around brain tissue, nerves, and blood vessels all by just moving your head around.

This will help brain surgeons practice surgery and know where things are without even performing the operation and the headset can even still be used during surgery to locate tumors or treat aneurysms. This invention will improve surgery and even make them more efficient and shorter. Some would save its the perfect conversion of gaming and life saving.

I think this will improve the medical field and procedures in a very positive manner. It allows you to practice performing surgery and knowing the ins and out of the brain. It will really help during surgery because you know exactly whats wrong or what is in the way. It allows neurosurgeons to find the problem much faster and complete the surgery as accurate as possible.

This affects the value of life because this could save many lives before its too late. You can find the root of the problem almost immediately and work fast if the person is in intensive care. Imagine if more of our economic resources were spent on health technology such as this.