Voice Of Elmo, Kevin Clash, Charged With Child Molestation.


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30 year old Kevin Clash, voice of “Elmo” was accused of child molestation and sexual abuse from three different men. After cases being filed against him he resigned from the voice of Elmo.  Because of the statute of limitations, all cases against Clash were dismissed and Clash came out victorious against these horrific charges.

The first public accuser was Cecil Singleton. In 2012 Singleton’s lawsuit was filed against Clash stating that at the age of 15 Clash would seduce him and molest him. When Singleton turned 18 Kevin Clash engaged in sexual intercourse with Cecil, against his will. The other two accusers remained anonymous but stated that Clash molested them as minors and engaged in sexual activity when they became adults, which now, causes them mental and  psychological damage.



What is the statute of limitations?

The statute of limitations is prescribing a period of limitation for the bringing of certain kinds of legal action.  I think there should not be a statue of limitations for the nature of this crime because of the life long trama victims have to live with. The crime becomes apart of them and they can be seriouslly damaged mentally, emotionally, and physically. Even though they will need to work on ways to get better, knowing that justice was served would help with the heeling process. Victims deserve proper closure and I believe that the statute of limitations, in this case, is taking that away from them.

Why do you think these victims have continued psychological damage?

These victims have continued to have psychological damage because of the lack of closure. They have had to deal with the trauma for so many years and said nothing. There was no jutice to the men that were victimized in this crime. I believe if they get help and if justice if properly served, these victims could be free from the damage caused and make progress to the best of their ability with life.