Voters Debate Marijuana

Voters Debate Marijuana


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A debate has taken place based on legalizing marijuana. 2016 seems to be the year that many people have been hoping for a change on policy.  Over the past years surveys found 53% of Americans have voted to legalize marijuana. Either way if marijuana is legalized or not the growth is increasing. Young citizens are using this drug.  According to school surveys, the students are still consuming marijuana.  It seems the laws don’t stop the action of using but instead just make things more difficult.  A law should make the situation better and in this case it seems the laws are making things worse because most of the negative consequences of using pot come from the legal punishments which also cost taxpayers money.

In November, five states–Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada–will consider measures to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes on their ballots. Four other states–Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota–are set to vote on medical marijuana initiatives.

“53% of Americans think that the drug should be made legal”

Hillary Clinton says. “I agree completely with the idea that we have got to stop imprisoning people who use marijuana.”


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both not clear whether marijuana should be legalized. This debate seems to be less important at the national level of government.  The issue has become a state and local issue. Either way this drug is being used. Marijuana should be legalized.  Making the decision to legalize marijuana will bring a good social change. The police won’t arrest the residents for use of this drug anymore.  Instead they would be capturing people that are doing more harm. As Jill Stein said “It’s certainly less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, which are perfectly legal.” This is true there are other things legal that are more harmful not just an herb.


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