Walking in My Shoes



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Chaotic, unpredictable, and messy are some words that at a glance, describe my life as a sixteen year old mother. Most days raising a toddler ends in fits over which shoes are appropriate to wear at daycare. Sometimes my son doesn’t want the same milk he’s drank everyday for the past year. As well as times when he wants the toy he threw out the day before. Through a toddlers eyes the world revolves only around their wants and needs, as well as my world too. I can’t even put into words the feeling I have being a mother, its incredible in every way. Some days are harder than others but everyday is worth while. It can be difficult to balance; school, work, studying, and being the primary care taker of my son. Although some tips and advice help me get through those really rough days. At times of being stressed I write gratitude lists, explaining why I’m grateful for every little thing in life. After a long day I enjoy being pampered and remembering to take care of myself. I also take breaks and ask for help when it’s needed. Even though my wants are now limited I need to take the necessary steps to ensure my sanity because being a teen mother is INSANE!


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