Was Queen B attacking or supporting?


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On Sunday 02/07/2016, the big game in America, Super Bowl 50 got everyone excited. The fans were counting down the minutes in thousands of different places to start the game. Restaurants got busy so that employees could not even find the time time to breath. I work at Pizza Hut and every employee had to work on that day because they know that this was the busiest day of the year. The game was at Levi’s stadium in San Francisco and it ended with a result of Denver Broncos 24, Carolina Panthers 10.

However, the big show everyone is still talking about was the halftime performance of Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Adam.   The former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani criticized the queen B for her performance.

He called her performance “outrageous”. He says that “she used it as platform to attack the police officers who protect the people”.

This has been a main topic after that game. There are two sides of people.  One group supports her for passing the message of “Black Life Matters” to the world through her song and dance group and the critics think that she is attacking the police officers for keeping our peace.  They say this because her outfit and dance seemed to be about standing up to authority.  Some have even said it was the fashion of the militant civil rights group known as the Black Panthers.

The queen B says this is the beginning of standing up for black lives. Also other celebrities think that she is right because the media and entertainers are the ones who have to express the peoples pain in different ways like art, music and news.

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