WATER SCARCITY: Will it bring peace or war?



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Two soldiers were going home from war in Iraq and when they were close to the Dead Sea they decided to go and float in that amazing Sea. They had the best vacation in the Dead Sea after being in a War. Years later the two friends read that the Dead sea was dying in a alarming rate because sink holes were opening and swallowing everything and the river Jordan that is connected to the Dead Sea is nearly dead due to overuse.

There was a Six Day War from June 5, 1967-June 10, 1967 . Israel and Jordan fought because of water and land but after all of that they did an agreement of sharing water, even in the worst time of fighting. Now they are  arguing about reducing the use of water and changing the ways of industry waste. Some important people are calling on Jordan and Israel to make laws that would protect the Dead Sea and put a price to the water for those people who extract it.  Could the death of a sea actually bring resurrection for the hopes of peace?

“It seems like another bit of evidence for those inclined to believe that the next World War will be fought over water. But the people I met described a much different reality…a thirsty enemy is a more desperate enemy so if there is the slightest hope for a path to peace in the Middle East, it will probably have something to do with water”.  CNN

I think the hopes for conserving natural resources and making political decisions will teach people how to use water. If we can help each other, even our enemies, find basic needs and share limited resources then we are living with Human Rights in mind. Some people say this water shortage will takes us probably to a World War III in the Middle East but it could have the opposite effect as the Arabs and the Israelis work together to find better ways to conserve the water.

The Dead Sea region
The Dead Sea region (Photo credit: Wikipedia)