We can have clean water and sanitation across the World

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The Global goal that caught my eye was clean water and sanitation. In rural areas there are billions of people still lack this basic need of clean water and sanitation. If this crisis is not fixed soon some believe there could be battles over water. It’s very rare in history but there have been some cases of water being fought over. The Middle East is already a place of conflict, and water scarcity will only add to that conflict.

There are ways to combat this crisis though, like making safer and affordable drinking water more accessible. Another target to strive for would be protect and restore water related Ecosystems. Science say that by 2050 there could be more trash in the ocean than fish. That is a problem and will only get worse if something is not done about it.

My experience: How do most Americans get clean water?

Its not only third world countries that deal with this issue through. As a student that has lived in burke, and Fairfax Virginia for most of my life. I had not had the problem of not having clean water. When I was younger I use to have a filtered to filter my water, but now I can just drink straight from the tap. Now not all of even America has this luxury, it’s not as bad as some places but still it’s great. Places like Detroit have very bad tap water. It could even be poisonous, with the lead levels that can in there. The worst part is there are other places like Detroit like, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Milwaukee just to name a few.

The pacific institute just put out a tweet say how they want clean sanitation around the globe by 2030. Now I to give some ways to achieve this. My first step to this struggle would be understanding what other peoples have to go through to get clean water or water at all. At Eritrea 80.7% lack basic water services There are other places just like Cambodia’s coastline which is the dirtiest water source in the world. Now that we know the places that need clean water the most. Mexico, Congo, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Ghana. These Nations have the least clean tap water in the world.





How we as citizens can help bring all of humanity closer to achieving this goal

There are some ways that we can help people achieve the goal of cleaner water.

The ways researched are harvesting water from thin air. 99% of water on earth is undrinkable, but if we get the water from the air we don’t have to worry about that. We should also have more places be able to filter the water.  Another way I believe we could give less fortunate places clean water by using a method called solar purifier. Solar purification is a very unique technique to get purified water, IT uses the sun’s rays to shine on the contaminated water. The best thing about this technique is I believe almost every body has resources to do it. All you need is a contaminated sheet of water, a glass container(like a plastic bottle) and the last but not least the sun. It’s that easy. Here’s a link to get started  https://gosun.co/blogs/news/solar-water-purification-a-starting-guide


I believe that with more and more eyes on this , we as a community can help fix this global goal. not only in our back yard but also around the world.

Get Involved at this link:  https://www.globalgoals.org/6-clean-water-and-sanitation