What are the Marine Corps Special Forces?

What are the Marine Corps Special Forces?

Donkey Kong

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One of the most hardcore most feared special forces are the Marine Raiders (MARSOC). These highly experienced soldiers are trained for long and close distance combat. The training they go through makes you really wonder how far you can push your body. They put their bodies to the test and push them to their limits. Depending on the field you want to go into, Training is very different from all the other branches. The Marines boot camp is one of the hardest training courses you will go through. Veterans say that the Marines boot camp is harder than all the other boot camps out there.


MARSOC is a special forces group in the Marines. They are elite soldiers who train for specific scenarios and are called for emergencies. The training and test these guys have to pass is crazy.. They push their bodies to their limits and are highly experienced. They have to be put in tough situations for the worst because you never know what you will get into. Also, People have said from past experiences in the Marine Raiders that its no joke.. Its a journey and experience you will never forget. You also create a bond and a family like relationship with your comrades.

I want to work my way up and try out to be a MARSOC. It definitely wont be easy but with hard work and dedication anything is achievable. Yes, you are putting your life on the line but its about protecting and serving are country and doing more. People look towards MARSOC and just think that they are “Badass”. I also think that is true because no other branch goes through the hard training they do. I have nothing but respect for anyone who serves our country but for me the Marine Raiders is my goal and that is where i want to be.