Leadership Starts Small

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Many of you question, how can I be a leader? Leadership is about moral courage and setting examples with in your community. Being a leader forces you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and be confident with them as well those in your community. It enables for you to sense a good way of reality. Leaders act, say and think, of course with the realm of respecting others in their group. Be true to yourself, by being your authentic self, you’ll inspire others to play big too. That would be a great start to becoming a leader. Don’t worry if your not popular, smart enough to get all A’s it’s all about quality and not quantity. Being confident in yourself is the most important to be a leader and also knowing your not always going to be right or perfect in something.

 One you have confidence in yourself , investigate,and educate yourself on the topic. A little bit of research won’t hurt you, lets say your teacher gives everyone a news they’ll be doing a socratic seminar the next day . To add on the teacher won’t be involved nor give anyone notes, but only tell their students about a topic. You panic your nervous and also you notice your not good at public speaking. Well that’s what the teachers want you to develop …your communication skills. The next day you’ll arrive with notes,references about the topic, you express an idea and maybe ask a classmate to give their opinion. That is one example with leadership in school.

Now let’s think about you being at work, you find our that your co worker is expecting a baby. Why not plan a babyshower as a payment for your gratitude toward them. Letting your co workers know that it will be a secret . On the day your co worker arrives at a  surprise a party that they weren’t expecting you begin to realize that your small efforts have a greater reward for the recipient than you could have originally imagined. It results that she’s having economic problems and couldn’t make a party of her own but instead was anxious about how she could provide basic needs for her baby. These little actions can help someone briefly or move them forward with hope for the future in a big way. 

Now watch this TED talk by – DREW Doudley “leading with lollipops.”



“We’ve made leadership about  changing the world-there’s only six billion understanding of us. And if you change one person’s understanding of it, one person’s understanding of what they’re capable of, one person’s understanding of how much people care about them,ones person understanding of how powerful an agent for change they can be in this world, you change the whole thing.” Start small then it well transform with something huge. IIt will be a cycle starting to help one person and then that person will help the next and so on , how cool is that? Being a leader is changing someone’s life without even realizing. Improving a company because of your ideas. Drew Doudley believes that leadership is not characterized reserved for the extraordinary.