What Does Clothing Mean to You?

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What does clothing mean to you? Have you ever thought that your clothes or fashion might describe you as a person? Have you ever thought that wardrobes are a type of culture?  Did you know that the one of the first products that was machine produced in the industrial revolution was textiles?

Image result for first factory textile clothing in America
The Lowell Mill girls worked in some of the first textile factories in America in Lowell, Mass.

When reflecting on clothing as an artifact of personal and group culture it seems that there are many interpretations.  An artifact can be something that you believe can describe you, something that it reminds you of somewhere, someone, or something. It can also be an object of belief, a demonstration of thought, or a symbol of meaning.  What are you wearing now?  Weather we are aware of it or not, the clothing we wear makes a statement to others.

Image result for symbolic clothing
Chinese dynasties had symbolic silk cloth for their court members.


The wardrobe has many different meanings in this world, to some people it is personal and to others is just a space where they can place their clothes and/or save their shoes. But to other people it describes the person; the owner of the wardrobe. It describes the person’s personality, how they feel, what type of colors they like, what kind of clothes they feel most comfortable. Some people believe what you wear describes in what type of mood you are feeling that day. Every wardrobe that exists in this world is different.

Clothing in history
Clothing in history (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fashion has many different designs and styles. Fashion designers have a variety of different points of view and ideas when it comes to designing their new clothing lines, they have different imagination on what their new lines for each season would be like. They see fashion in a different way then what most people usually see them everyday. Some of them see it as a art,some others see it as hobby they like to do, or some of them see it as a very good industry to make money, and finally,  some see it as their passion.