What if the French never supported the colonies during the American revolution?

What if the French never supported the colonies during the American revolution?


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After the French and Indian war, the British king, George  III was not allowing colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountain. The British king also made colonists pay extra taxes for protection and the war debt. These extra taxes included Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act, and the Tea Act. During the 1700s Enlightenment, colonists started to question the authority of the government which led to boycott or protest on no taxation without representation. All these events had slowly sparked the bomb of revolution. Eventually, the bomb exploded in the 1770s because the British troops opened fire on protesters and a few years later the first exchange of gunfire between colonists and British troops occurred in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts.

The Patriots made famous propaganda based on the facts that happened in the Boston Massacre to convince the neutral groups.  There were differences among the colonists. Some colonists stayed neutral. Most colonists at the north were Patriots; who wanted independence from the British king. On the other hand, colonists who lived in the south were loyalists because they had big plantations and traded with British. So the loyalists remained loyal to the British king since they believed taxation was justified.

The French and British had competed with each other over hundreds of years.  Most recently in the 1750s, the French lost the French and Indian war in North America to British colonists. The French had seen the colonists rebel against the British king for their liberty, and they decided to support the colonies by giving away guns, money, and solders to fight against British during the American revolution.

What if the French never supported the colonies during the American revolution?

I think if French never supported the colonies, the United States would have a long and bitter fight against Britain. Eventually, the colonies would lose the war, and the British king would have even harsher punishment to the colonies. In my opinion, even the Patriots who had rebel passion and the native skill to surprise attack would have struggled without the power of the French.  In the Western mountains patriots had sharp shooters and guns that can shoot 250 yards away. It still would have been hard to defeat the “Red clothes” British since they had experienced leaders and 6 times more experience to fight in battle than the Patriots. Also, the British had native alliances.  But the most important points were the British had large fleets of supply ships in a well trained Navy and large amounts of professional troops. On the other hand, the Patriots had no organized army, navy and money to fight for this expressive war.

I wonder if French never supported the colonies. Would another foreign country come to support?

Source: Mr. Hardy’s History Class