What is going to happen with immigrants when Trump gets to the White House?

November 24, 2015  https://goo.gl/images/X068Kn

Adam Zyglis

November 24, 2015 https://goo.gl/images/X068Kn


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Many of immigrants are afraid about what is going to happen with them now that Donald Trump has the elected Presidential power. If he takes out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program many people are going to be illegal again. If the DACA is repealed, about 645,000 people would lose their legal right to work in the U.S., If this happens I think this is not going to be fair for those who thought they were safe having the right to be legal in the U.S.A. This is going to put them at risk of losing their jobs and maybe getting deported.

When Trump first said that many of the Mexican people are criminals and rapists and that Mexico is taking the economy from the U.S.A. many of the Latinos got mad at him. They were insulting him and others made songs for him to tell him that not all of the Latinos are as he said.

This is dedicated to those who lost their life trying to cross the border. The voice of the immigrants; We are illegal but not criminals. 

Who enjoys leaving their homeland? Many of the immigrants do not come here because they want but they come here because in their country they do not have the support of the government. Why do some of the American people say that immigrants are taking their jobs? I am wondering if they are going to work to get the minimum salary or if they are going to work as a housekeeping. I know that they study to not do those kind of jobs, but they have to understand that many of the Latinos came here to do the honest work that is needed and not to take others jobs.


Here are some facts about the real effects of immigrants on the US Economy: