What is the Meaning?

What is the Meaning?


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Life and its meaning aNo Regrets.re very subjective. Every individual has their own likes and dislikes, their own personal goals and aspirations. Life and all of its gears and all of the baggage it brings, is unique for everyone, meaning that life is different for everyone. For many, life is about personal gain and self-fulfillment, for others it’s about selflessness, helping others. And for many others out there, they feel their life is void of meaning because they lack the drive or a feeling purpose, stagnancy.hands-small


Vastly, it is agreed that life is for the most part about financial wealth, monetary value, and profit. The mindset is, “What will I get?”, “What’s in it for me?”, “What about me?” So much value is put into money that it is all people see, they view life through a window that opens to nothing. People live inside of a locked room. They spend a great deal of their lives so focused on money that at a later poi0014s_0004_TreeOfLife_BlackNiteSkynt they look back thinking, what happened? Where did I go wrong? They feel empty because they’ve led an empty existence.

Many people on the other hand, however, live their lives for others. They are the caregivers of the world, the counselors and the nurses, the healers. Ones who don’t lead their lives based of monetary value. Their lives are about service and the well-being of others. To them, life is about love, humanity, and charity. The feeling of helping and of aiding is enough to keep going, to keep living. They believe their purpose is to aid.


Life and its meaning is revealed by the person who is living. You find your place in the world and in life by just living, having experiences, sharing experiences, allowing yourself to explore your own mind. By not putting boundaries on your potential and what you may have to offer the world, your purpose will be revealed by embracing life full on and not holding back at all.