What is the US Government planning next?

What is the US Government planning next?


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With all this recent talk about fake news, there is a new major rift of mistrust between the people and their news sources.  This lack of trust exists not only through the media but it is a reflection of the divide between the people and their government. This rift must be mended however it is not totally new. The ideal of fact based news has always floated around, but this has never fully existed in the history of journalism.   It now seems that multiple outlets and multiple perspectives have increasingly blurred the line of fact and fiction.

There are more groups of like minded people today walking around in their own circles of trust and as many say trapped in an echoing “bubble” that reinforces their own point of view over others.  We trust only ourselves and those closest to us and we are forgetting how to respectfully listen to the differences and the critics.  The individual is now the decider of the truth- true or not. Do your own research and take everything you hear and read with a grain of salt even what I say.

 This mistrust between people and government began from the time the government lied to us and got exposed for it. Our individual and pervasive access to media is a double edged sword for it both exposes the lies and acts as vehicles of propaganda.  This 21st century mistrust began when Edward Snowden released government documents depicting the United States overstep of surveillance into Americans daily lives and even more recently the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails in which she discussed secret/confidential information on an unprotected server. This is a federal crime for anyone who isn’t financially connected to the director of the FBI.

The idea that governments lie to their peoples is not a new one. What about and for what purpose is always the question that crosses our minds. Another question is who can we trust if not our government which is supposedly of the people and for the people?

Operation Northwoods was a false flag operation against the Cuban government to justify war against Cuba by using government operatives posing as Cubans to commit acts of terror on US targets. This secret plan to create a war with Communist dictator, Fidel Castro was rejected by John F. Kennedy. A false flag operation is usually a covert way to publicly frame another country for provoking war which then starts war. The proposal called for the CIA( Central Intelligence Agency) and other US operatives to commit acts of terrorism against the American people. These proposed acts of terrorism included hijacking planes and public bombings to be blamed on the Cuban government with manufactured evidence. This shouldn’t be a surprise because there’s recent evidence of the Gulf of Tonkin incident being a false flag event used to justify US involvement in the Vietnam War.

How do we know our government didn’t initiate any other false flag operations? How do we know any of the other wars we have been involved in, were not justified by false flag events? What secrets lie beneath the Zimmerman telegram of World War 1, or the Pearl Harbour attacks of World War 2, and the weapons of mass destruction in the Iraq war?


These are not little white lies like some campaign promises. These false flag events invoke war upon our people that we didn’t start or ask for, fighting for a secret government agenda in the name of democratic justice.  A large number of Americans are starting to investigate these discrepancies told in our history books. They of course are labeled as conspiracy theorists which almost immediately invalidates their credentials, sanity, and intelligence. These events are plagued with answers that bring up more questions. It is time to stop the insanity. This system is more broken than most people realize or care to recognize.

The Federal Reserve robs our future generations of financial prosperity and freedom while the CIA and other privatized government organizations rob other countries of their lives and freedoms. ISIS is probably the most current false flag operation that is obviously working, considering ISIS has the same enemies as the US.  Could it be true that the establishment of ISIS was actually aided by the US as a kind of ‘suicide squad‘ type operation? Meaning if they mess up it falls on the name of ISIS not tarnishing name of the US, but they still carry out the agenda that the government would have you believe doesn’t align with theirs. While just the thought of this is likely insulting, traitorous, and against every grain of loyal American patriotism, we must examine the context of history and see that the US Government has not always deserved the loyalty and patriotism of its citizens.

My reason for suspicion against the US government is because America provoked the Middle East with its involvement in the Gulf Wars during the Bush Administrations. This only brought rise to more hatred towards America from the Middle Eastern nations. Casual observation shows that hatred grew through Islamic extremism after the Desert Storm operation in the  early 90’s. Both Bush’s went to war with Saddam Hussein and had boots on the ground. The Bush family itself is known for its fortune made in the oil industry and the Middle East is full of oil. This shows me the administration had a different agenda than the boots on the ground, or even from the political will of the American citizen as represented in Congress.

The False Flags must stop. We must demand our government to stop lying to us. A government who can provide everything and do everything for the people, is a government that is too powerful; powerful enough to take those liberties away also. We were founded on the phrase, “We the people”, not “We the US Government”.anonomys