What were you doing at the age of 14?

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A 14-year-old has been charged after police said he and a group of other juveniles set a sleeping man on fire Sunday in Annandale, Va., in an attempt to rob him of his backpack. occurred in the 4500 block of Commons Drive about 2:45 p.m. Sunday, police said. The teenager was charged with attempted robbery and malicious wounding. Officers came to the scene after a report saying several people were training to assault and rob a man. When they arrived on the scene they found that the clothes and backpack of the man was burned.

The man said that he woke up to the juveniles setting his backpack on fire. He was treated for injuries to his upper body and was released from the hospital. The 14 year old was arrested Sunday but the police are trying to find the other suspects. Police think this is not gang related but they are not 100%. I think this is just wrong and cruel, I don’t understand how people nowadays have this mindset. The man wasn’t too injured but someone could’ve gotten seriously hurt.

Its crazy to think that JUVENILES will go this far just for some items.. Thinking of a 14 year old doing this just worries me because that shows that young aged people are doing crimes that adults do.. When I was 14 I was playing sports and playing video games.. Its just unbelievable to think that people will do the most over something that is not worth it. This happened in Annandale which is pretty close to me which worries me. This just shows you have to always be alert.