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Today’s Jeep Wranglers are four-wheel drive vehicle, which comes with a three-point six liter V6 24 valve variable valve timing engine, it produced 285 American horse power and 260 pound-feet of torque. The miles per gallon that these jeeps get are seventeen fore city and twenty-one on highway. Jeep Wranglers are Trail Rated that’s why there badge say trail rated and that means they’ve been tested through easy trail to rough trail, through rivers, small rocks, big rocks, and mud, they can do a lot of things. They have three different models that you can buy. The three models are Sport, Sahara, and the Rubicon. The Sport is basic where you have to build it so you can go off-roading, Sahara is the luxury version but still needs to be built to go off-roading and Rubicon is luxury and built to go off-roading right away once it leaves the lot. The Sport and Sahara are trail rated so you can still go off-roading but they would be a lot better if you built it first.
Jeep Wranglers is the top four-wheel drive vehicles to buy, but they’re really expensive to buy parts for. Almost every jeeper will tell you they will go broke because jeep parts are so ridiculously expensive and you cannot do anything about it. If you need the parts, you have to buy the parts, you can’t do anything about it. So when you go off-roading and mudding be careful not to damage anything on your jeep or there will be a big hole in your wallet.
Owners of Jeep Wranglers like to modify their jeep with lift kits, bigger axles, bigger tires, wheels, engine swap, supercharger, steel or aluminum front and rear bumpers, winches, fenders and etc. The most important modification to have on your jeep to go off-roading and mudding is a lift kit, big mud tires, steel or aluminum front and rear bumpers and a winch. Front and rear lockers and off-road led light bars are helpful to.
Lift kits raise the jeep so you will get more clearance to go through trails easier. Big mud tires will help a lot because it will raise the axle up and will not get hung up easily and mud tires have good traction on mud and rocks. Then you want steel or aluminum front or rear bumpers so when you are on the trail they would not get beat up as plastic bumpers would. Plus when you are on the road and someone hits you most likely the bumper will take the most damage then your jeep body. Now you want a winch so if you get stuck you can pull yourself out without anyone help or if a buddy gets stuck and they do not have a winch then you can pull them out, so they are really useful to have when you’re deep in the woods or mountain. Lockers are used to lock up your wheels so both wheels spin not just one, so when both wheels spin you will get more traction on mud and rocks. People who do not know a lot about lockers would ask why do you need them if you have four-wheel drive, well four-wheel drive will help a little bit but when one tire is stuck, it’s only the tire are not stuck will move so what you want is all four wheels moving at the same time and same speed. Then we got off-road led light bars they will really help when you are on a trail and it’s really dark. It will light the trail up really good so you can see; because sometimes your headlights are not bright enough shine the trail for you.
My recommendations brands for each important modification are; Rock Krawler X Factor five and a half-inch Coilover Long Arm Stretch System lift kit, BfGoodrich KM2, Poison Spyder front and rear aluminum bumpers, Desert Rat Winches, Aussie lockers or ARB lockers for front and rear axle, and Rigid Industries LED off-road light bar.

Well as you can see, I talk about different models Jeep Wrangler come in and what important modifications you should have on a jeep wrangler before you go extreme with rock crawling, mudding, and off-roading. If you are trying to get an off-road vehicle then get yourself a Jeep Wrangler, it would be your best bet.

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