Where I come from

Where I come from
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I am from Leesburg, 

Martinsburg, and Ranson.

These towns have nothing in common with each other.

I am twice from Winchester, Berryville,Harpers Ferry, 

Purcellville, Lovettsville, and Hamilton.

My least liked place that I lived was probably Martinsburg

because it was a city full of druggies and violence.


I am from crappy, absent, unloving parents. 

I am from a low income, single parent household.

I grew up with a “step dad” who was an abusive addict.

I am from an uneducated mom who dropped out of high school in 9th grade.

and got pregnant by a piece of sh….


I am from sausage gravy,

mac and cheese, and boiled hot dog water.

I am from unhealthy food,

Taco bell, and keto lasagna.


I am from a black and white room

listening to sad, relatable, and emotional music

to cope with my feelings.

I am from a traumatic childhood but I am

Strong, Resilient, Determined, Flexible and Persistent.