White Supremacy

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Over the past few hundred years, racism has been hidden in plain sight. You may ask what or who is a white supremacist? When faced with the worst of human nature we say surely that is not me. It is said in the Bible that we must remove the plank in our own eye before complaining about the splinter of blindness in another.  You know when the white men of power and influence said, “give me liberty or give me death”?. History shows us the harsh reality that apparently meant give me the liberty to be sexist, racist, bias, anti-trans & xenophobic.  Unfortunately fear and prejudice is real. Anti- anyone who does not prescribe to my transatlantic version of Christianity leads to a quick dismissal of their humanity and therefore their quality of rights.  So there is a history of  “off with their heads” or, “she must be a witch”  or, “how much for that strong negro?.”

 So it’s either the white supremacists way or no way.  But granted the words  written by those white men of power and influence known as “founding fathers” (The declaration of independence)  being in documents that “all men are created equal under god”, we didn’t mean that for the colored people! So now this more perfect union has evolved ; guided by the ideals of imperfect men. We the people have gained access to the power with accountability. We are using a system that “the white men of power and influence” constructed to obtain the rights to get what they wanted.   Now that the experience is more diverse and accountable and sometimes displeasing, the white culture of power and influence feels threatened and fearful.  They rally at the request of a President who sees himself as the man of power and influence; the only one who can “make America great again”.  They question all they say they stand for by trashing the whole system. 

 To my knowledge you thought it was your turn to make a political statement in the streets. Storming in the capitol with your pettiness , “oh it’s a revolution!” So while Black people are  in the street protesting murder, oppression, suppression (Etc..) a lack of basic human rights and equal protection under the law. And what are you showing your behinds for? To be able to murder black people, in the name of “self defense” to oppress black people, in the name of “white supremacy”, to suppress black votes, in the name of “white political power” and to have more protections under the law than black people in the name of “white comfort”. It was the noose for me. It gave very much civil war confederacy vibes. And so you say the confederacy was fighting for the “states rights?”  — States rights to own slaves?. Embarrassing.

Crimes in the name of free speech

KKK Parade, 9-13-1926

Trespassing, destruction of government property, Theft of property mail (Which is a felony), entering a restricted government property with a weapon. Oh boy, let it have been a brown man! And they brought bombs? Immediate death and would have called it justice. Comparisons from Summer 2020 To Jan 6 2021. This was no doubt insurrection anarchy terrorism Entry . Here’s my other point, revolutions are a natural part of history. Rulers have been usurped, governors have been “overturned” but it’s always been evident and it’s always been criticized when power was seized just for the sake of transferring power.

Revolution has only been just and true when its championing the oppressed. And this for the conservatives, You have truly lacked for nothing, it’s in the name, you’re “conserving” it for yourselves. NOTHING has ever been denied to you, your natural and civil rights, never been infringed upon so much so you don’t even know the true definition of being oppressed in any minor inconvenience or infringement upon your privilege would spark discontent.. — Mayhem, White Christians indeed!. Must I remind you of that scripture “One day the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first” the day has come and I must say “We the people” “Our government” are scared.. I guess they didn’t think it would come so soon. They’ve only been what? 400 years in power.


Let’s talk about how you the white people.. broke into a government building; “Negros” could never. For so many reasons going back to the very forced labor employed with their craftsmanship as these hallowed halls of freedom were created.  Not to mention the police letting the gates open without shots fired.  And not only did you make it out alive You made it home, to see your family. 

Oh, but what about the black panther storm in the California state capitol in 1967 with their assault rifle? And yes, they were allowed to. Entering government buildings with a weapon did not become illegal until 1995 after the Oklahoma bombing. Actually, the most devastating Act of terrorism in US History for your information. And guess who did it? Two white boys. Had this same situation been reversed and we would have been protesting the result, and remember we would not have been protesting because we lost, but because we knew it would have meant the continued improvement of violent racism, it would have been a massacre but you knew that.

Armed black panther in the United States Capitol 5-2-1967

You say America is the abuser but in reality white supremacist is the abuser.  White people who think they have all the privilege in the world are the abuser.