who do I side with?



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How can you find out where your political opinions line up with the current Presidential candidates?  Are the results accurate?  You won’t know until you educate yourself on the candidates and the issues.  I took the quiz on http://www.isidewith.com/political-quiz  and got these results:

ap_donald-trump_ap-photo1088% with Donald Trump.  We have some of the same views on foreign policy, economic, immigration, education, healthcare, social, science, and electoral issues.

67% with Bernie Sanders We have some of the same views on environmental, healthcare, domestic policy, and criminal issues.sanders

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 I am 66% with Hillary Clinton.  We have some of the same views on economic, environmental, domestic policy, healthcare, and criminal issues.

I would consider myself as Independent, I don’t like any of the current people who are running for president.  According to the quiz I took I would most likely vote for Trump because we agree with the most amount of issues.  I did not vote in the primary on Tuesday because I don’t like any of the potential candidates. Hopefully young voters like myself will be motivated to vote in the general election.

If you want to take the quiz here is the link: http://www.isidewith.com/political-quiz