Who is Responsible When Driving a Driverless Car



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In California a 31 year-old man is trying to come up with a Driving less car by 2025. The man who came up with this idea has been a professional driver, he doesn’t do lots of driving, but does lots of listening and learning. While they are coming up with how too actually build it, what they did was built one and actually have it drive itself around California. The driverless cars already has had more than 2 million miles, mostly on California streets. While the cars mostly drive themselves, one test driver is always in place to take control of the car if the car fails or if theirs s situation that can be dangerous. Another professional driver sits in the front passenger seat typing notes of how the car works and if theirs any problems with it.


Some people think it’s an awesome creation that Google is coming up with a driving less car, but actually I honestly think it can be dangerous. Not all cars are perfect some have issues, so for cars to be driving by itself can be risky, what if the person is distracted and the car crashes into a car. New laws will need to be created to regulate responsibility in the case of accidents.

What would happen if the car gets out of control and crashed into something? It would be the company’s fault and they will probably be sued. That’s just putting people’s life’s at risk and Google could receive a law suit. Even though some people who were born without arms and legs or any handicap person for that matter could benefit from this car so they could travel without needing help. Sometimes science and people’s brains could come up with the coolest ideas to help others.