Who is Responsible When Lions Escape?



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Lions were able to escape in Nairobi, Kenya last week.  Lions were kept in the national park near the capitol city of Nairobi.  Eventually, lions walked out of the open door with their cubs.  Early witnesses of the incident reported that they saw them in the residential area.  Wildlife service officials said that they were able to capture the cubs and a lion. They brought them back to the national park, but they are still missing some more lions.  They have been out looking for them.  The lions headed to the most populated areas and with buildings all around.

Who would be the responsible for citizen safety? Governments should be responsible for the human safety of its citizens.  If lions attacked any citizen then local government and animal rescue would take the responsibility to keep their people safe.  Governments  should have some plans to recapture immediately after any animal escaped. This is an interesting reminder that Governments need to protect their natural resources and sometimes need to protect their citizens from their natural resources.

For more on this story: http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/19/africa/kenya-park-escaped-lions/index.html

For more on Kenya’s unique wildlife  issues: http://www.perc.org/articles/how-protect-people-and-wildlife-kenya

In the United States wildlife is protected by both the Department of Agriculture as well as the Department of the Interior.