Who likes taxes?



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Definition: After the Stamp Act was signed in May of 1765, the colonists were really angry and they started  protests. They refused to buy goods  such as British tea through boycotts. The sons of Liberty burned the stamp paper wherever they could find it. They were committed to disobeying the law and implementing their own rules. They were doing whatever it took in order to get what they wanted; independence in the practice of American business and government. Many tax officials even quit their jobs for fear of further attacks by the angry crowd of colonists. In this famous image, a Boston tax collector is being covered in sticky tar and feathers while being forced to drink tea.


Opinion and Questions: The colonists had the right to get mad at the government’s decisions at that time. Many injustices were happening and there is just so much  a person can take. If I was alive back in the revolutionary days, I would probbably join the fight as well.  I mean nobody can deal with personla abuse for too long. Some people still hate taxes today, but they don’t see it as personal abuse. Don’t get me wrong, taxes are good for the country, but some people pay more than what they should. Personally, I think rich people should pay more taxes. Instead, poor people are the ones that work harder, and pay more percentage of what they earn than what they should. What do you guys think? Do you have to pay taxes this April?