Who was Nat Turner?



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Nat Turner was born on October 2, 1800, in Southampton Country, Virginia, the week before his birth his father escaped from slavery and was thought to have been hanged.  When he was a child he was so religious that he had religions visions. People thought that he was a prophet or something like that because of his visions.  In his twenties, he ran away from his overseer, but he had a vision where he has to be with his master. After his master died, Nat became property of Thomas Moore’s widow. In his thirties, Nat led a rebellion against slavery where they killed many white people. They killed about 55 whites on August 21, 1831. The whites responded and killed approximately 200 blacks.



Nat Turner was different from the 1960s civil rights leader Mather Luther King JR.  It is because Rev. King had used no violence to achieve his object. Meanwhile, Turner had to kill to be heard in Virginia.  He was so close to overcame his conflict because the state legislature of Virginia tried to abolish slavery, but they decide to hold it to support a repressive policy against black people, slave and free.