Who was Robert E Lee?

Who was Robert E Lee?


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He was a successful general of the American army in the 19th Century.   Robert E. Lee did not accept Lincoln’s offer to command the Union army.  Event though Robert E. Lee was against secession, he staid loyal to his state Virginia and he commanded the Confederate army of the state of Virginia. In the end, Lee surrendered to the Union but even though he lost, he was one of the most successful and brilliant Generals of the Civil war.


Why was he in war with himself and his country?

Robert E Lee was in war with himself because he was ready to be the commander of the United States, but with the secession crisis of the Civil War, he had to decide to defend his home state Virginia.  Lee encouraged Americans to became a United nation at the end of the war. You can still visit  Robert Lee’s  house in Arlington today.  It is on the site of the Arlington National Cemetery.