Why does email matter ?



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Hillary Clinton is not the first political figure to find herself in a revolving controversy just at the start of a national campaign. Some have “crashed and burned” others have survived and some came out  stronger than before. American politicians play out their moments of crisis on screen, Richard Nixon set the pattern in 1952 when TV was still a novelty. Nixon was accused of accepting improper gifts he was detailing over it with forecast and everyone else. This article gives many examples of politicians dealing with criticism in the media.

Clearly, the critical factor in many of these cases has been the manner in which the media handled the story — and the manner in which the candidate handled the media.

What does this quote mean?  Do you think our media does a good job of telling stories about politicians?

It depends how the media tells the story. If its convenient to them, they will add more to the story than what it already is. I don’t think media does good work of telling stories about politicians because they take advantage and they alter the information. They also add extra words and phrasing that is not said by candidates or politicians. They may make the story convenient to them so they could make politicians look bad or good. that way they can make politicians look bad .

 What was Hilary Clinton accused of doing with her e-mail account?   Do you think it was a big deal?  Why are people concerned?  

She was accused of using improperly her own private email account instead of using property government account. People are concerned because what if whatever she is writing in the email is something that she hasn’t been honest with the government and is hiding something from them. I doubt it is a big deal because politicians are entitled to privacy, they also need some kind of privacy to them.

The authority of Secretary of State comes from the President’s authority to appoint advisers in Article 2 of executive powers in the US Constitution.  What do you think the founding fathers would say?   Do you think they communicated secretly at times?  Could they have imagined e-mail?