Why Don’t We Track Planes Like We Do Ships?



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A man in West Virginia was able to work with Google to track fishing boats in real time. This ships- tracking software raises possible new standards for airline tracking; a discussion spurred by Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s disappearance. The software was decribed as an illegal fishing piece, it was developed by John Amos of SkyTruth and Google, who is using ships’ automatic identification system, or AIS. After that software was released may people as Jimmie Meyer in Texas have been criticizing why can’t the AIS be used in tracking the aircraft. A physicist, Geoff Brumfiel explained and tested the AIS and says it can only track ships. Another company Inmarsat appear and colaborated providing  that they can update that software and be able to track both ships and planes.



I think the Government should do something about it and track planes in real time to keep the citizins safe. Now in days is when most attack of terrorists occurs and nobody is able to know the exact locations of the planes. These cases are where people need to be safe. But also the airplanes companies are against installing a tracking of planes and they have the right to say no. do you think it is  a good idea? do you think tracking planes will keep people safe or in danger?

Français : Affichage du trafic maritime fourni...
Français : Affichage du trafic maritime fourni par le système AIS. Seuls les navires équipés du dispositif AIS sont affichés ce qui exclut la plupart des bateaux de pêche et de plaisance ainsi que les cargos n’effectuant que du transport domestique et de moins de 300 tonneaux. Lieu : Manche Est (Photo credit: Wikipedia)