Why is Martin Luther King Jr. important for an Egyptian Immigrant?



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I am an Egyptian who immigrated to the United States. I believe that every great person has a lot of people who will be against him. You may ask me why Martin Luther King Jr. is important to you as Egyptian? It’s not about where I am from, but it’s about how great that person was in order to make the whole world, and not just America to respect him. Martin Luther King Jr. was using his Christianity in order to deal with stuff in real life, and his bible as his weapon. He also believed in something that only few people believed in, which is the Civil Rights.

My country is divided by two halves. The first half is the majority and it’s Muslims, the second half is Christians. They believe in different things. I lived in a country that has more than majority as Muslims, but we all still think that Martin Luther King Holiday in the United States is important. We care about this person, and we respect him a lot. King used his religion in order to show peace. King was a master; he didn’t just ask for people’s rights, but asked for the balance, peacefully, and calmly. The bible says: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” ( Matthew 5:0). He as a son of God, was seeking for justice and peace. He was fighting for everyone’s equal rights. He changed and sculpted America! At this point who cares what religion you are? Now we’re in the 21 Century and people forgetting about their civil rights, but only fighting each other because that is Muslim or him is Christian. You should improve, and not step back. That means with all the technology we have at the moment, and those smart people in the world, in 1968 people were more brave than right now. At least they knew how to be just as one hand and to fight in order to get their rights.

One of the major reasons people do not fight for their rights is because they are scared, and I saw no fear in King. He was a hero in my opinion, and that’s why he was killed. People did not want such a hero to be alive and fight against them. Heros like him who are examples to the whole world. He defended God’s word, and fought with the strongest weapon he had, which was the bible. I am Christian, and also Egyptian. As I said, my country has most of its population as Muslims. Muslims are my brothers, and they love King, and they respect him, regardless of his religion, which is something really rare at the moment in the 21 century. I have sent an email to my friend in Egypt, and asked him about his opinion regarding King. He replied back saying, “I was taught in school about him since I’m 8, role model. Also, important. He was fighting for everyone’s equal rights. He changed and sculpted America, plus has the most famous speech in history “I have a dream”. I’m not religious at all. I don’t actually care about him, but I think of him as an important figure in history which helped sculpt America as well as having influence around the world. He played a key role in achieving equal rights and was successful.” My friend is Muslim; he is not even Christian, but he knows what he is talking about. He is talking about Civil Rights! Civil Rights which you can’t mix religions in that! You can only use your religion to express it out, but not to abuse your rights!

Finally, I hope everyone understands how and why Martin Luther was important to an Egyptian, but not also to Egyptians, but to the whole world. However, a lot of stuff has been released about King lately, but sadly he is not alive to defend himself. Martin Luther was indeed a great leader not for Egyptians only, but for the entire world. A man who seeks Civil rights should be respected always.