Why is there a war in Syria?

Why is there a war in Syria?
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The Syrian war started in 2011 during a time known as the Arab spring..  50% of the Syrian population didn’t want their dictator president who had inherited power. They didn’t want the president, because they thought he was a bad president and because they barely had any jobs. For a certain time the war was not really big, but after other countries got involved with it, it got way bigger and longer. It has become the front lines of the war on ISIS.  People come to it as a war destination and thousands flee in suffering from the destruction.

The United States, Russia, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon are all involved in the Syrian war. There are terrorist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda inside Syria doing crazy things and killing a lot of people. They claim that they are Sunni Muslims, but I bet they’re not, and all they want to do is to kill Shia Muslims and take over Syria and have their own rules. Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia group went to Syria just to make sure they are protecting the holy sites, because ISIS has been trying to destroy the Shia Holy sites, but when they came near in 2012-2013 the Sayada Zainab Holy Site, Hezbollah got involved so they can make sure no one comes near it. So the battle is not only between Bashar al Assad ( Syrian President) and the people who don’t want him, but between like 7 or 8 countries.

Even Saudi Arabia who claims an alliance with the west has been helping ISIS to kill people and fight and everything, while Saudi’s are chilling.   Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world due to oil.  Where there is wealth there is corruption. Multiple Sources have cited that the Saudi government has been paying a lot of money to ISIS. Even Israel is said to have  been giving money to ISIS.  because I saw a video by people caught some ISIS people and after they took they’re guns and everything it turn out to be from Israel.

A lot of people have been killed in Syria, I wish the war ends soon and we all be like the fingers of one hand. Because i’m sick of wars. Since I was born and all I hear is wars and killing and fighting, why don’t we all be together and never be racist. Some countries are giving ISIS and all groups money to fight and they are having fun watching kids and people die. There should always be a solution for this problem, it’s when some of the countries stop giving money to terrorist people to kill and fight.

The middle east got used to wars, because when any bombing happens in Europe and other countries we all be talking about it and it’ll be on American news and everywhere, however, if any bombing happens in the middle east no one really cares because they already got used on this, so they wont be surprised when they hear that. I wish people will wake up and stop having wars, we can all be ok and be one hand together and always have peace.