Why North Korea probably won’t change

Why North Korea probably wont change


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In a 372 page report (found here) The Commission of Inquiry on Democratic People’s Republic of Korea basically outlined excruciating claims of  the “extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape … and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation to human slaves”.

After troublesome years of disregarding international pressure over North Korea’s nuclear program, it’s unclear whether these latest allegations to North Korea are any more likely to alter Pyongyang’s behavior. While there has already been speculation over how things might plan out differently this time, many experienced analysts remain extremely skeptical about the prospects for change.

In camps where North Korean prisoners are forced to eat grass and rats because of their starvation is a disturbing topic but a very real one. North Korean prison guards beat and rape the women regularly. Torture there is a very common thing and almost everyone is tortured daily by harassing prison guards. Many people inside of the camp try and draw pictures and detailed descriptions about what they go through but no one knows for sure what they actually have to deal with because the strictness and the hostility of the guards towards the prisoners. Only a few documents have been recovered showing images of people mutilated and laying in sorrow.

You can read more about the article here.

Personally I think that torture is wrong and inhumane. The way the prison guards go about things is extreme and obviously no one should ever have to go through inhumane conditions. North Korea’s economy is extremely messed up, North Korea is spending a fortune on military and weapons while its own civilians are starving. For example, North Korea’s spent six millions dollars to the celebration of Kim Jong-il’s 70th birthday (even if he was long dead by then). Instead, they should have used that money to import more food to stop poverty. The entire situation is messed up and gruesome.

The way this topic relates to Government is the fact that many people are trying to reach out and help these poor people of North Korea but no one can really do anything about it. Riots can possibly happen because of the UN’s approach to try and “charge” Kim but that’s going nowhere and anarchy could break loose.