Why We Should Have a Dear Mrs. View Column



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There should be a dear Mrs.View column in the Mountain View Mirror to answer life’s questions and concerns. Dear Mrs.View is a great idea because not everybody has someone to talk to or they might be too embarrassed.  Readers could ask any question anonymously and get advice. People would benefit from the column because it would provide advice on every day problems. Mrs.View would try her best to answer all questions the best way she could no matter how outrageous the question may be. Mrs.View could also recommend different resources that could be helpful. If a person would like to meet Mrs.View and prefer to speak in person they may and everything would be confidential if they just needed someone to talk to. Sometimes it’s not counselor worthy and it may be better to talk to someone relatively close to your age. Mrs.View would be more than delighted to go through the problems with you so that you don’t feel alone. Mrs.View is the friend you can confide in that you never thought you had.

Post your comment below to let the editor know if you think there should be a “Mrs. View” advise column in the paper!