Will Humans and Robots share the road?

Will Humans and Robots share the road?


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Recent statements made by Dietmar Exler, chief executive of Mercedes-Benz USA suggests that aggressive human drivers will ‘bully’ autonomous cars on the road. Human drivers already speed, drive recklessly and cut off other drivers.  Driverless cars will be programmed to be polite and follow the law much unlike humans who make their own decisions. There are ups and downs to autonomous cars and a lot of questions raised when the topic arises.

Who’s liable in an accident, if the car was driving itself?

What if two autonomous cars crashed into each other, who then would be responsible?

What if the driver was under the influence in their autonomous vehicle, would they still receive the same punishment as a manual driver under the influence?

Questions of this nature hopefully will be answered as the technology moves forward. The link below goes more in depth about the technology in development and what has been achieved so far by Mercedes.



The regulation of autonomous cars hasn’t begun yet cause they aren’t used commonly and the technology is still being modified and perfected. The future of the roadway for most progressive people looks electric and autonomous. Most old car enthusiasts don’t like this direction automobiles are going, believing the network connection makes cars just as vulnerable to hacking as a laptop or phone which is dangerous in more ways than one.

These autonomous cars may be the future for some people with a lot of money, but for the middle and lower class this would be incompatible financially. A lot of car enthusiasts are against the automation of cars anyway, instead believing in human capability to safely operate the vehicle. The traditions of driving and racing have evolved into the consumer/audience friendly events/activities they are today by innovating and changing.

Is the automation of cars a step too far? Only time and experimentation will answer these questions.