Will the US Government apply the military death penalty?

Will the US Government apply the military death penalty?


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In 1988 a former army soldier, Ronald Gray, was put on death row for raping three girls and attempted murder on a Syrian girl. However, last month, Judge Marten wrote that the stay of execution granted to Ronald Gray long ago is “no longer in effect.”

If he is executed, it will be the first military execution since 1961. Gray is one out of six former servicemen on the military’s death row. He was convicted and condemned to death in military court for two murders and three rapes, but he also pleaded guilty to two other murders and five rapes. Currently, the military method of execution is lethal injection. The only person who can actually make this execution happen is the President of the United States, without his consent nothing can happen to these men. There is yet to be an execution date, but there is one expected within the next 30 days.

I am not in favor for execution or death row because I feel that people who have committed crimes of that nature deserve to suffer instead of being put out of their misery. I feel like people need to serve the time necessary according to the severity of their crimes. I also think it is very ironic that a person is being killed for killing other people.

A perfect solution for this is to make him serve life in prison for his actions and let his guilt eat at him instead of saving him from it. People need to serve time instead of being killed for their crimes. All human justice requires some element of mercy and a recognition that every human being has the potential to find healing and be a source of their own justice.


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