Will we choose to value the American Immigrant?

Will we choose to value the American Immigrant?


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The new president has said that he will start to deport 3 million immigrants. He has also said that if the country doesn’t accept their people they will take away the visas of people from that country. President Trump had said that he will build a big wall and he said that Mexico has to pay for the wall and he has predicted it will cost $40 billion.  Let’s see if maybe he changes his mind  when the American people and the Mexican government say no to a wall.

He shouldn’t build the wall and the money that he wanted to waste in building the wall he should save to help those people who need it. Furthermore, he should not take away the visas of the students because they are not criminals  and they are doing good things that will prepare them to become an important person.  If he takes their documents they will not be able to succeed and their success will not be shared with the United States.

Immigrant students are an investment for any country to become stronger and better. Maybe one of those students that he wants to take the documents from could be the new famous scientists.  Maybe an immigrant will discover the cure of cancer or find a cure for another serious illness. I think that instead of taking the documents of the students the government should focus on the criminals and those who act out against our progress as a people.

What happens now Donald Trump has won the US Election and what can we expect from the new President?