Woman beaten, raped, and locked in a dog cage for weeks; Abusers still have rights

Woman beaten, raped, and locked in a dog cage for weeks; Abusers still have rights


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CNN does not name sexual assault victims. There was a mid 30 year old woman who was held captive against her own will in a wooden cage for two months from July to September 2014 in Indiana.

After a heated argument with her ex boyfriend she wandered Indiana when she ran into a familiar friend, Ricky House. House offered her a ride and she accepted. 30 miles away from her hometown, House lived in a mobile home with his girlfriend, where he kept the victim hostage. When they arrived at the home, the victim tried to leave and House put chloroform over her face which made her unconscious. The victim then woke up.  She was zip tied to a bed in a wooden cage that House and his girlfriend, Tooley, built. For two dragging months the victim was held captive until Tooley invited her ex husband, Higgs, over to brag about her hostage. When the victim saw him she pleaded for him to help set  her free. Higgs then offered the couple a profit to let her free.  It was rejected. It then got violent when House put his shot gun to Higgs neck with his finger on the trigger. Higgs then head butted House and was able to escape safely, with the victim.

House is facing 14 counts of rape, kidnapping, criminal confinement and battery and Tooley is facing 10 counts of rape, kidnapping and criminal confinement. House’s bail is set at $500,000 and Tooley’s is $150,000. Higgs states to police, “I told the police … I hope you all have some real small cells, That’s where they need to spend the rest of their lives, in a real small cell.”  The US Constitution states that all citizens have the rights of the accused no matter how cruel the crime may be.  All citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty and have the right to a fair trial.  Sometimes it is hard to think about equal justice for all.

Her freedom was completely taken from her. She was treated like and animal and was beaten brutally. They treated her like she was their property.  These are scars that she will forever live with and she may never have a peace of mind and personal security. It is extremely odd that it was a couple to do this, what was their motive?  How do people get so sick and act together in a crime like this?