Women Leaders

Women Leaders
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    What is a woman leader? When we think of a woman leader we think of someone who speaks their mind, is powerful, hardworking , and will do anything to make sure her family and the women in this world are being heard. Strong women in our modern world will remind us that being a  leader is not just about politics it is also about leading a family. Women have been family leaders throughout human history and for over 100 years modern women continue to lead their families and to fight for their rights as citizens. Women have always been family leaders sacrificing daily for their loved ones. A lot has changed throughout the years but the value of  motherhood in society has not. Once it was common to have teenage mothers but the modern woman is expected to have education and a career. This has pushed the age of motherhood back into the late 20’s and 30’s and even the 40’s. Young teenage mothers today have some unique challenges.

            The industrial revolution has been occurring for over 200 years and in a variety of ways this has changed the expectations of women as leaders.  The American mother has struggled for years to go after what they want and need for their family and other women. Today the Annual pay cited 78% to 82% of that of the average man. In some occupations women are being paid $19 billion less than if they were paid the same as men in those same occupations. Women as voters was a tremendous change in America when Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul led the suffrage movement for the 19th Amendment   This Constitutional right had been fought for by women since before the Civil War. In the 1830’s and 1840’s it was actually women like Alison Beecher Stowe and Harriet Tubman who the the abolitionist movement against slavery. It has been the role of women to recognize and heal the brokenness of the American family

  Today women continue to fight for the rights of others but they are also caught up in a debate over privacy and personal choice when it comes to modern healthcare and family planning. In the debate whether abortion should be illegal many women are speaking up to the topic and sharing their stories fighting for the rights of their own bodies. Another example of woman being leaders is equal pay rate. Many women 100 years ago had to work hard in jobs like being an educator or seamstress but getting paid less than what men were. To this day women still continue to get paid less than men do. More than 100 year ago woman who had trouble accomplishing the things they wanted started to change the law.

    It is very exciting to see how far woman have gotten today and how many women leaders, and influential mentors the young women of today look up to. For example Michelle Obama is a woman leader a lot of young women look up to. She is as an example of a hard working woman; not just fighting to lead her family but also lead other women and young ladies in the world not just politically but in their everyday lives too. Lisa Nichols is another woman who has inspired a lot of women. In her video on Rescuing yourself she talks about how being a young mother was what got her where she is right now. Lisa says that she had to stand up to people find herself and do what she wanted to give her family a better life . That shows how much a woman would do for her family and how important it is for us women to find ourselves and be something bigger. I feel it is necessary to show our younger generation to be more confident and self motivated in order to make a difference.





    The education of a woman is important me being a mother at 18 i am very thankful for the education that is provided for me and i hope one day my daughter sees and appreciates how important it is to get her education and use it to make her self bigger than  she already is.

      Us being young mothers we find it helpful for these women leaders to be around to guide us as we grow into being our own leaders to our families. Being a young mother is hard but not impossible watching these women leaders really inspire us and motivate us to keep going and fight for our families. You don’t have to be famous or well known to be a leader but it is good to have these women in history to look back at and admire their hard work and dedication they had to had in their tie being alive. We as women should aim to inspire, elevate, and motivate women all over the world. We are strong and can overcome many obstacles in life. We accomplish many things in our lifetime that we are forever grateful for. People don’t realize how a woman would go above and beyond in order to succeed at what they want.


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