Women Power!

Women Power!


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   The 19th amendment guarantees all American women the right to vote. Achieving this milestone required difficult struggle; victory took decades of agitation and protest. Beginning in the mid-19th century, several generations of woman suffrage supporters lectured, wrote, marched, lobbied, and practiced civil disobedience to achieve what many Americans considered a radical change of the Constitution. Few early supporters lived to see final victory in 1920. Women  have the same rights as men. As God made man first as he needed a rough copy before the final design of the perfection gender. Also women carry your precious bundles of joy which are your children. Also the women go through all the pain of birth while you men complain how badly done to you are when all you do is sleep at work and rely on others. Now women have the vote, we can fend for ourselves. 

Should women be allowed to vote?

Of course women should be allowed to vote! This question actually annoys me, women are just as smart, and even SMARTER than men. We have absolutely every right to an opinion on how our country should be run. All countries that are intelligent allow their women to vote, and it should be continued that way. Women are not second class citizens even though some may think other wise, cavemen died out long ago. We are not some frail thing with no brain. If we are going to take away a woman’s right to vote, why stop there? I know plenty of men who have trouble using a video game and need my help.

     Next time you think about not giving women the right to vote, think about how your mom is usually the one who makes the big decisions in your house!  😉