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  • rp1125Mar 9, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    I love your say about this issue, and I completely agree. Even through International Women’s Day has been relevant since 1908, I agree that women STILL don’t get the same rights, benefits, etc. in the work-field. It also doesn’t help that the current leader of our country talks down on women very rudely and makes vulgar remarks. What tends to bother me more is that he had the audacity to say those remarks on live-television, the while he was supposed to be doing his candidate speech. I do think that the idea of International Women’s Day gets more recognized each year that passes by. More women from different ages, races, etc. come together as one to stand up for an issue they believe has the right to be heard and correctly executed. (changing rights/benefits for women in the workfield, etc.)

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