World War 1 Propaganda


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During the United States involvement in WWI which was from 1917-1919 there were several posters, commercials, and Broadway shows that clearly displayed propaganda. This propaganda was used in order to encourage people to join the war, so citizens can support our country along with our safety and freedom. In many cases they displayed enemies as evil, unfair basically only in a negative way. They all had a common goal identifying who we are at war against. Government exaggerated the actual truth of the imagine which makes it a one way message that was easily convincing civilians to support the cause and enlist for the war.

There was a numerous of different propaganda posters like economically, they were War Bonds and displayed it as a  “Victory Bonds”. Uncle Sam was one of the main characters that provided a lot of motivation for male citizens to insist in the army, fight for their country. He wasn’t created during WWI. His been well know and used for propaganda ever since the war of 1812. The government also started to sell stamps that went to a good cause of helping the war demand of money in order to ship ammo and weapons to the courageous soldiers fighting the war, in order to protect the citizens of the United States of America

A United States poster advertising World War I...
A United States poster advertising World War I Liberty Bonds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)