Sailors Love A Pretty Girl

Sailors Love A Pretty Girl


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During World War I the U.S. government started creating a larger abundance of propaganda. Propaganda is some form of art usually a poster to show persuasion for a certain event or point of view. Most of the propaganda in the U.S. at that time was used to convince men to enroll in the war. A lot of the propaganda used during that time bent the truth. It led people mostly men that joining the war would be great, that the fighting would make you a hero or if you don’t go you’re a coward. Propaganda can be good as well but in many cases it gave the wrong impression of things.


The propaganda poster I choose was created by Howard Chandler Christy in 1917 which was during the war. The  poster says ” I want you for the navy” and the poster has an attractive girl on it. In my opinion they put the girl on it to help convince the men to enroll. The government thought if heroism wouldn’t convince them then maybe the idea of working with a beautiful girl would. Which is kinda ironic cause women weren’t even allowed to enroll in the war. I feel as though this poster didn’t work because of the whole women don’t fight in the war but, then again some people will believe it that’s why it was made.  I also think that this was the beginning of women in America thinking about their role in supporting the military.