Wreckage Found in Search for EgyptAir Flight Feared Downed by Terrorists

Wreckage Found in Search for EgyptAir Flight Feared Downed by Terrorists


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The president of France said at a conference “We have the duty to find out exactly the cause of what happened. No hypothesis is ruled out No hypothesis is favored.”(President Francois Hollande) Egyptian officials have suggested that the incident was more likely caused by terrorism than a technical problem. “I don’t want to go to assumptions like others, but if you analyze the situation properly, the possibility … of having a terror attack is higher than having a technical” failure, the Egyptian aviation minister told reporters today. Flight MS804 went missing about 174 miles off the Egyptian coast, shortly after entering Egyptian airspace, the airline said overnight. This afternoon, an official from Egypt Air released a statement saying that the Ministry of Civil Aviation had received official word that a floating object found in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea most likely belonged to wreckage of the missing plane. Life jackets and other items were also found.

On the morning of May 19, 2016 a plane headed from Egypt went missing. Egypt flight 804 went missing after rising 37,000 feet in the air and vanished from the airports radar. It was going from Paris on to Egypt but the flight never arrived. I was said that there was a total of 66 passenger three of which were children. Some officials believe that the plane could have disappeared somewhere in the Mediterranean sea. Personally this is just a wake up call to be honest because everything seems to be happening in eastern Europe. This just might be a warning to all the refuges who keep fleeing their original country.

The plane was said that before it disappeared it gave out a distressed signal (a signal from a ship or aircraft in danger.) With that being said the craft was defiantly under some serious take over it is rarely ever heard that there is a distressed signal given off from a plane. Greece was said that they joined the rescue group and operations on finding the missing plane and people. This should not end in disclosure because everything seems to be getting out of hand with all these kidnappings in airports with the planes. There needs to be better security nation wide. Personally I should not have to worry about my flight being taken over by “terrorist” and then go missing out of nowhere.

For those readers who may be having new fears of air travel due to this recent news, your fears may e calmed by these statistics:

Maybe its not because of terrorism but within the last few years the number of planes gone missing has increased.

For further information on the statistics on the missing aircraft’s feel free and visit  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_missing_aircraft.

For the actual article and more brief information visit http://abcnews.go.com/International/egyptian-officials-raise-possibility-terror-missing-plane/story?id=39216354