Yazdi Christian Women Raped, Enslaved, and Sold by ISIS Muslim Extremists

Yazdi Christian Women Raped, Enslaved, and Sold by ISIS Muslim Extremists


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“Jana, a 19 year old girl from Yazdi was in her final year of high school in Northern Iraq when she was kidnapped by ISIS, and her dreams of becoming a doctor collapsed.”

Muslim extremists are massacring young Christian men and kidnapping and raping their women.  Yazdi Christian minorities are being forced to convert to Islam.  Women were separated into two categories; older women and younger women. The younger women were shipped off to Mosul, then put in a three story home. ISIS men came occasionally and took three to four girls home with them. Nazand Begikhani, an adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government on gender issues stressed how these women were treated like cattle. He also stated how they were repeatidly raped, physically and sexually violated and had prices tags on them in markets.

According to witnesses and  testimonials of Begikhani’s team, more than 2,500 Yazdi women were kidnapped by ISIS. Thousands of women are still hostages and since ISIS is making so much ground and gaining more power it doesn’t seem like anyone will save them. When Jana was interviewed she seemed traumatized and didn’t show any positive emotion, and as of now her mother and two brothers are still hostages of ISIS. She is traumatized but also wants to get revenge.  Hatred breeds more hatred.

This situation is a serious problem. Since many women have been kidnapped by ISIS it is hard to rescue them due to ISIS’s territory gains and growing power. The United Nations should make an attempt to look for the places these women are kept and rescue them. Also they should stop these territorial gains that ISIS is having. This will do two things, reduce many of the killings and stop these kidnappings from happening. Obviously the people involved in ISIS don’t have respect for people none the less themselves, so their views won’t change. That just makes me have the opinion that they are ignorant selfish people. So I’m inclined to think they should all be killed and there is no other way to it.

I think that is sad that Jana’s dreams to be a doctor is killed now after being kidnapped. That just shows the dramatic effect ISIS put on her. Maybe the UN should set up counseling for these traumatized people that lived through being kidnapped, so they can be useful and successful people after they get over this. I think there’s many cruel people these days and mental health trauma is an issue. This ISIS terrorist group most defintialy has mental health issues because no sane person would commit acts like they are.