Year long suspension from school for hugging a teacher?!?!


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Sam McNair, a 17-year-old high school senior in Duluth, Georgia was put in jeopardy for college and things because he was suspended for a year from high school for hugging a teacher. I understand the teacher that she felt sort of harassed because she said she felt Sams lips on her neck when he hugged her and she pushed him away. I don’t think that the 1 year-long suspension from school is necessary though because hugs are needed sometimes and what if he didn’t mean to put his lips on her neck like many scenarios of this situation can just be wrong by suspending Sam for a year from high school as a senior and putting his future collage planning in jeopardy. His mom is planning to appeal this at court against the school. I believe that this was taken a bit too far also if anything a day or a couple of suspension would be reasonable but not this 1 year-long suspension. This relates to government because the teachers are paid by the government it is a government paid job.