Yearup: Get Paid to Study Information Technology

Yearup: Get Paid to Study Information Technology


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Today Mountain View High School had the pleasure of meeting with Yearup representatives. What exactly is Yearup? Well, Yearup is a non-profit organization that helps support the urban youth grow with and comprehend the work place.  Yearup is for anyone between the ages of 18 and 25. But this is no public school. You have to apply!

Yearup is an ambitious school, paying YOU to learn. Yes that’s right… providing you MONEY to come to school. Due to Yearup’s extreme popularity admissions may be difficult.  But this doesn’t mean give up. Yearup allows you to apply twice a year!

Yearup’s course work is based on technology. You may ask why Yearup focuses their instruction on technology, it’s because of the current and future job market is/will be over stimulated with technology related jobs. Although Yearup’s main course  is IT, Yearup also provides finance classes and more!

John-with-motherboardThis all may seem a dream. But to actually hold that dream and make it become reality requires hard work and a great deal of responsibility. Yearup holds all of their students accountable for their actions. Because Yearup pays you to attend class there is a good amount of rules and requirements.

Yearup works off of 6 core values

·      Respect and value

·      Build trust, be honest

·      Be accountable

·      Engage and embrace diversity

·      Strive to learn

·      Work hard and have fun

25fixesimgD-blog480Although this is all Yearup provides on their website, Yearup’s expectations of their students goes deeper than the 6 core values you’ve read above.  Yearup has something similar to a merit system. You’re given points for assignments completed and professional behavior. But these points can be taken away just as easily. If you are to show up late or not turn in assignments your points will be deducted. If you reach zero you will no longer be apart of Yearup. But because Yearup’s mission is to empower students and further students’ lives towards success, Yearup allows students to reapply.

Yearup can be the greatest alternative to anyone seeking a better tomorrow.

Helping those who have seen the darkest of days. There is a future. Things can change. Yearup provides a light highlighting a path towards happiness and stability.

Many students here at Mountain View have experienced hardships and the “inescapable” mindset. There is an alternative and Yearup can be one of them. Even though Yearup may not be for everyone, Yearup is worth a look. You can find more information through their website “”