you without me!!!!

you without me!!!!
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The fire of the lamp was proud

it fought with the glass.

“I am the one who lights the lamp;

Destroying the darkness.

But you are blocking my light,

You surrounded me, you were just staring at me.

I do not understand what you are doing.

You do not let my light shine far away;

You block the way.

Do not destroy my work; you are an obstacle

Let my light shine before me.”

The glass says to the fire

“Do not accuse me of being bad to you?

If I were you, I would appreciate me.

But you told me to leave so I am leaving”

The wind that blows from the side,

It came and turned off the light.

And so it is with man.


Failure to distinguish between benefits and harms: The lamp is serving as the protection. The fire is the ungrateful. The fire has light to shine, something to give and contribute, and it doesn’t see the protection the lamp gives to it.