Young Votes Matter in 2020

Young Votes Matter in 2020
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Many young American voters are looking forward to their first chance to choose the next U.S. President in 2020 at a time when our politics remains very divided.   President Trump is only the 3rd President to undergo an impeachment trial in the Senate but he will not be removed from office. He has potential to be re-elected for 4 more years however he remains deeply divisive in his leadership.  If you would like another President by this time next year you must act on your right to vote.

  •   Impeachment:   Process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official. A charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office which can conclude with acquittal or being removed from office  by majority vote. On Wednesday 2/5/2020 The US Senate is voting to acquit Mr. Trump because he has a majority of party loyal Republicans voting “no” on impeachment removal. It was the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives who brought charges of bribery of a foreign country to interfere in the election process.  The Republican majority in the Senate refused to call further witnesses or evidence in the trial and while they admit he did something wrong they will not vote to remove him from office.  

There have been many Democrat challengers to Trump.  Currently there are 11 Democrats and 3 Republicans running for President against the re-election of Trump in 2020.

The best hope for young voters like myself is to educate ourselves on the issues and register to vote. You must be over 18 year old on November 3 2020 and be a registered voter with a Social Security number demonstrating citizenship.   Every citizen has a place to vote near their permanent address but some may vote by absentee ballot. 

You can register at the DMV, Government buildings or you may do it online.  Registration is not enough. You should do your research because you just can’t be voting for anyone.  You may not vote if you are not a citizen or if you have been charged with a felony.

Why does the young vote matter? Some issues that matter.

It’s important  for us young 18 year olds and older to vote because,It makes a different in the world not just nationwide  but worldwide nationwide.Since the future is big. There are so many issues going on in this world. Democratics and Republicans do have strong doubts about working together on many of these issue, some that is another reason to vote. We have Violence going on with  cops and people, U.S.A  having war with other countries because they disagree with each other over power issues and the ongoing threat of terrorism.  

 Substance Abuse  is one main one in to and that inmarger with Unemployment

Why do we have a two party system and what are the differences?

In America we still have a “winner take all” vote where the electoral college uses the popular majority vote in each state to pledge loyalty to the winning party.  It is possible that a candidate wins the electoral college while losing the total popular vote. This is how President Trump won in 2016.

Differences in the parties 

Democratic: The Democratic Party is older and originated from anti-federalism sentiments during the US’ independence from Great Britain. The Donkey symbol of the party came into play during Andrew Jackson’s 1828 campaign.We are more reluctant to use military force against other countries and advocate slow increases of military budgets.They are  very supportive of LGBTQ. The current DNC Platform on the issues.


Republication: Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican President. The party started using the elephant symbol in 1874.Party supporters have tough stands on abortion, feel like tax should come out  of  rich and poor people no matte what. Republication increasing the military budget and taking hard lines against other countries like Iran.  The Current RNC Platform on the issues.