Youth Marketing in a new Age of Self Identity

Youth Marketing in a new Age of Self Identity
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How many of us want a conversation but don’t know how to start it.

How many of us want the attention but don’t know how to receive it. 

The meaning behind The Anti Social Social Kid is that a lot of people want attention or want to have someone to talk to but they are selective in who they trust.  For example, people will interpret many meanings in the brand but they will be confident in their meaning.  That’s the magic of branding; its left up for translation in a way that let’s the consumer feel definitive and confident.  We live in a paradox and we are searching for meaning but we want it to be our own without the need for everyone else to understand. This name means that you don’t know how to show certain emotions to certain people. This name means that you are loyal to the ones you know even if you barely know them. The name was many meanings and its up to the viewer to decides to do with it.   

Like a chameleon changes colors based on mood or surrounding, a clever brand will be adaptable to the many colors of personal identity and meaning.

This sweatshirt is first of many to be released. This sweatshirt will let people know a small bit about you. This sweatshirt can let you express yourself. Many people express themselves in many different ways people express themselves one way is with their clothing. this piece will bring a new style for your closet.