Zeno’s Paradox

Zenos Paradox


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“Zeno’s Paradox” By: Joseph Mazur

 Review by: Evan Linman


Zeno of Elea was a 5th century Greek philosopher who created a set of philosophical problems and logical paradoxes that are now at the forefront of our inquiries into the fabric of space and time. Three of Zeno’s most famous paradoxes are that of Achilles and the Tortoise, the Dichotomy argument, and the paradox of an arrow in flight. Each of the paradoxes has been examined by some of the greatest minds in history including Galileo, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking, all of whom have made incredible breakthroughs in their fields, but still the paradoxes remain relevant and are readily scrutinized. Though these theories are thousands of years old they still have yet to reveal all of their information about space, time, and the existence of life itself.