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  • nodramaSep 29, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    The fact that Don Charles Spirit was able to purchase a firearm after the incident that took place in 2001,were he “accidentally” took his sons life makes me upset. He got around the system not once but twice, justice should’ve been served back in 2001. This tragedy could’ve been prevented but now its too late to question each other “what if”. I believe better background check is the answer to prevent tragedy’s such as the Don Charles’s case, people with mental problems should raise a red flag in the system therefore backgrounds checks on people such as Charles cant get their hands on a firearms. Besides the fact someone is mentally ill or not, this process should be mandatory a criminal record should also be looked at, because not all cases are alike there’s plenty of people who have the desire to kill without any medical conditions, and rather act on the moment without thinking about the consequences. The problem is that too many people have the power to do such evil acts, without authority. authority should step up their game plan and give firearms to the right people.

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