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  • Andrew PowersMay 28, 2015 at 10:20 am

    I would say privacy is not the core issue since IS is using the media to advance their ideology. Anonymous taking their personal information of reading private messages and chats of IS supporters would be a privacy issue but in my opinion that would still be fully justified. For the US the large corporations are a more serious threat then IS could ever be (this is possibly true for the world as a whole too) as IS isn’t really a “terrorist” organization; terrorists pull quick attacks (bombings, shootings, plane jackings etc.)but the reason they are hard to fight is they have no land. IS is more similar to the Taliban. They control territory in which they act as an established government. They have an army and actively are participating in “regular” warfare. I think this shows a great quality in Anonymous; they are willing to act outside of working toward their primary goals and do things that are simply the right thing to do.

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